Lecture Berlin Partner: Tips and tricks around visa application

Every HR expert knows that: The company has an important position to fill and the most suitable candidate comes from the USA, Brazil or India. This does not have to be a problem if you know what to do.
In order to bring this knowledge into the HR world, the Purple Squirrel Society invited them to the specialist talk with Burkhard Volbracht, Head of Talent Services at Berlin Partner GmbH, on April 11, 2017 in the Quadriga Forum.

Mr. Volbracht, who has worked for Berlin Partner GmbH since 1998, probably helped hundreds of Berlin companies fill important specialist or management positions with foreign, qualified employees during this time. The strong change in the labor market in recent years is particularly noticeable in Berlin. Fewer and fewer German experts are available to the companies on the market. At the same time, the booming start-up industry with its many IT and online marketing positions has developed in Berlin. The advantage: The start-up industry has already adapted to these changed labor market conditions and is open to filling important key positions with foreign applicants. The downside: The hurdles are high and many do not know how to do it.

If you want to hire foreign employees now, there are different options. You can either go through the more than 700-page document „Procedures of the Ausländerbehörde Berlin“ (VAB) or, as a member of the Purple Squirrel Society e.V., listen to Mr. Volbracht and, as he says, a more pragmatic approach in a compact 90 minute lecture.
Around 30 Berlin HR managers accepted the latter offer. Mr. Volbracht revealed tricks and tricks around the topics of company service, shortage occupations, the seven friends in the entry service, visa-suitable job descriptions and led through the dos and don’ts of paragraphs 16.4, 18.4 and 19 of the Residence Act.
His most important mission is always to pass on his knowledge in order to empower the Berlin-based companies to carry out the (not so complicated) visa applications of the desired candidate on their own. The key to success, above all, is the right contact with the respective authorities coupled with the proper completion and preparation of the necessary application documents. And in the really crisp cases (the Indian developer without a university degree, especially in Saudi Arabia active) supports Mr. Volbracht happy all Berlin personnel responsible and rubbing his forehead with anticipation.

Many thanks to Mr. Volbracht for the great evening and the valuable input! And also a big thank you to the Quadriga for providing space, food and drink.

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